Retail industry is growing at the fastest rate with increased number of challenges faced by retail. It has become increasingly difficult to adapt to changing business scenarios for retailers who are always looking for new ways to increase profitability. Frauds, including vendor frauds, thefts, shoplifting and inaccuracy in supervision and administration are the challenges that are difficult to handle. Although the challenges of retail are unique, they can be addressed with the right technology that identifies the problems and offers a holistic solution. Management judgments assume critical importance as customers develop ever higher expectations of competitive price, improved delivery, excellent quality and exceptional performance.



A lightweight and customizable POS system that connects and engages customers across every sales channel and provides services for business owners to be able to accept all transactions from Cash, Credit Card, and also E-Wallet.

SKYBIZ CloudPOS x Razer Merchant Services

Razer Merchant Services terminal system allows retail stores to accept payment from e-wallets efficiently. The transaction can be completed either through over-the-counter terminal system scans or the e-Wallet user has the option to scan the QR payment code at the retail stores.

    1. Cash Book
    2. Cash Flow Budget Statement
    3. Outstanding Cash Book / Invoices
    4. Weekly Cash Flow Statement
    5. Payment Listing
    6. Receipt Listing
    1. Print Ledger
    2. Trial Balance
    3. Trial Balance 4 Columns
    4. Income Statement
    5. Income Statement (4 Columns)
    6. Income Statement (Last Year vs This Year)
    7. Income Statement For 12 Months
    8. Payee Ledger Journal
    9. Balance Sheet
    10. Manufacturing Account
    11. Manufacturing Account For 12 Months
    12. Chart of Account
    13. Journal List
    14. Journals By Batch
    15. Account Enquiry
    16. Property, Plant & Equipment
    1. Customers Statement By Month (Open Item)
    2. Customers Statement By Month (open Item)-Payment vs Invoice
      Customers Statement By Month (Balance forward)
    3. Customers Statement By Month (UnMatch only)
      Customers Listing
    4. Print Label
    5. Customers Detail Aging Analysis
    6. Customers Summary Aging Analysis
    7. Customers Detail Overdue Aging Analysis
    8. Customers Overdue Aging Analysis
    9. Customers Detail Aging Analysis_PD
    10. Customers Summary Aging Analysis-PD
    11. Customers Ledger
    12. Print Overdue Reminder Letter
    13. Print Overdue 2nd Reminder Letter
    14. Print Overdue Final Reminder Letter
    15. Customer Overdue Invoice Statement
    16. Customer Payment Overdue Days
    17. Customer Outstanding Bills
    18. Gain or Loss Exchange Rate
    19. Post Dated Cheques Received
    20. Customer Matching Listing
    21. Customer Matching Listing [Collection Vs Invoices]
    22. Customers Engury
    23. Customers Details Transactions
    24. Customers Collection Analysis
    1. Project Listing
    2. Project Ledger
    3. Project Customer Ledger
    4. Project Supplier Ledger
    5. Project Income Statement
    6. Project Income Statement-Consolidated By All Project
    7. Project Income Statement 12 Months
    8. Summary Of Project Profit/Loss (By Years)
    9. Summary Of Project Profit/Loss (By Month)
    10. Project Income Statement-Consolidated By Selected Project
    11. Branch Income Statement-Consolidated by seleted Project
    12. Project Trial Balance
    13. Project Balance sheet
    14. Project Manufacturing Account
    15. Project Customer Summary Aging
    16. Project Customer Detail Aging
    17. Project Supplier Summary Aging
    18. Project Supplier Detail Aging
    19. Project Supplier Matching Listing
    20. Project Vs Department
    21. Project Yearly Summary By Department
    22. Supplier Yearly Summary By Project
    23. Summary Of Supplier Vs Project
    24. Project Weekly Cash Flow Statement
    25. Project Expenses Report
    26. Project Sales Analysis By Date
    27. Project Cash Book
    28. Project Receipt Listing
    29. Project Payment Listing
    1. Profit and Loss With Budget
    2. Profit and Loss With Budget (This Year Vs Last Year)
    3. Profit and Loss With Budget (This Year Vs Last Year,This Month Vs Last Month)
    4. Manufacturing Report With Budget (This Year Vs Lass Year)
    5. Project Income Statement With Budget
    6. Project Income Statement With Budget (Format2)
    7. Project Income Statement With Budget(Format3)
    8. Budget Variance
    9. Weekly Budgetetary
    10. Project Budget Variance
    1. Sales Analysis By Date
    2. Sales Analysis By Customer
    3. Sales Analysis By Salesman
    4. Top Customer Sales Report by Sort by Yearly Total Amount
    1. Supplier Remittance Advice-(Brought Forward)
    2. Supplier Remittance Advice-(Open Item)
    3. Suppliers Listing
    4. Print Label
    5. Suppliers Detail Aging Analysis
    6. Suppliers Summary Aging Analysis
    7. Suppliers Detail Overdue Aging Analysis
    8. Suppliers Overdue Aging Analysis
    9. Suppliers Ledger
    10. Suppliers Payment Overdue Days
    11. Supplier Outstanding Bills
    12. Gain Or Loss EXchange Rate
    13. Post Dated Cheques Issued
    14. Suppliers Matching Listing
    15. Suppliers Enquiry
    16. Suppliers Details Transactions
    17. Suppliers Detail Aging Analysis(By TaxDate)
    18. Suppliers Summary Aging Analysis(By TaxDate)
    1. Purchases Analysis By Date
    2. Purchases Analysis By Supplier
    1. Customers Detail Aging Analysis-By Salesman
    2. Customers Aging Analysis-By Salesman
    3. Customers Detail Aging Analysis-PD-By Salesman (Matched)
    4. Customers Aging Analysis-PD-By Salesman
    5. Customers Detail Aging Analysis-PD-By salesman
    6. Salesman Sales And Collection Analysis (By Months)
    7. Salesman Collection Analysis
    8. Salesman Collection Aging Analysis
    9. Salesman Commission Report
    1. Sales Analysis Chart
    2. Purchases Analysis Chart
    3. Monthly Bank Balance Analysis Chart
    4. Monthly Expenses Analysis Chart
    5. Monthly Budget Analysis Chart
    6. Branch Sales Analysis Chart
    7. Branch Purchases Analysis Chart
    1. Tax Transaction Listing
    2. Tax View Total
    3. Statement Of Tax Detail
    4. Statement Of Tax Summary
    1. Trial Balance
    2. Balance sheet
    3. Income Statement
    4. Integrated With MyDistribution Reports
    5. Account Receivable Report
    6. Customers Detail Aging Analysis(With SO)
    7. Customers Aging Analysis(With SO)
    8. Customers Detail Aging Analysis-PD(With SO)
    9. Customers Aging Analysis -PD(With SO)
    10. Account Payable Report
    11. Suppliers Detail Aging Analysis(With PO)
    12. Suppliers Aging Analysis(With PO)
    1. General Ledger
    2. Print Ledger Listing
    3. Bank Account Realise Gain/(Loss)
    4. Customers
    5. Customers Ledger
    6. Customer Statement(Brought Forward)
    7. Customer Statement(Open Item)
    8. Customer Detail Aging
    9. Customer Summary Aging
    10. tomer Unrealise Gain/(Loss)
    11. Customer Matching Listing
    12. Suppliers
    13. Suppliers Ledget
    14. Suppliers Remittance Advice
    15. Supplier Detail Aging
    16. Supplier Summary Aging
    17. Supplier Unrealise Gain/(Loss)
    18. Supplier Matching Listing

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